Ochazuke Set

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Ochazuke is a dish that consists of rice, tea or broth and usually some sort of salty topping such as salmon, seaweed (nori) or pickled goodies (tsukemono) and dried seasonings (furikake). It was created to make use of leftover rice and may seem quite simple but if you've had it done right, you would know how heavenly it is. This adorable set adds to the pleasure of this comfort dish with its inviting and smiling bowl. Ceramic with a stainless steel mesh strainer in the pot.

  • Bowl: 4.5" diameter x 2.75"h.
  • Pot: 4.5" diameter x 3"h.
  • Ceramic.
  • Handwash recommended.
  • Designed in Japan by SunArt.
  • Made in China.